Types Of Haircuts For Boys


Pre-teen boys tend to be extremely active and like to spend a lot of time playing, be it organized sports or playing outdoors with their friends, as parents this is something that we want to encourage but we still want them to look presentable. Because of this we, as parents, need to make the right choice for them on what haircuts are going to suit their active lifestyle and that means that we need to take several factors into consideration.

Boys who are active are not likely to want to sit in the hairdressers chair for long periods of time to get a haircut or want to spend a lot of time styling their hair (or more likely having you style it for them); consequently you need to pick a style which is quick and easy to cut and takes little time to style on a daily basis. When they have been outside playing you don’t want to have to style their hair from scratch every time so picking a style that can be quickly made presentable for any occasion is an important factor also.

Short Boys’ Haircuts

While it may sound like your choices are going to be limited by these requirements there are actually many options that are available to you; short styles are generally the easiest to maintain and include the following:

  • A military haircut is a short buzz cut made with clippers, they are very quick to create and require the least amount of maintenance. These are suitable for the most active of children.
  • The Spike Cut can be done on very short or slightly longer hair and offers a really cute and individual style for the youngest of boys to the older pre-teen; you can choose between all over spikes or just the front being spiked with a small amount of product in the hair.
  • A Tapered Cut is achieved by cutting a basic style with tapered sideburns, bangs and back of neck cut and is suitable for the younger child or those who want a fun cut which will still keep the hair out of the face and eyes.
For children with longer hair, while still keeping things manageable, there are also additional choices that will not require you to cut the length; these include the following:

  • A Side Sweep involves cutting the hair with a parting to either side of the center line of the scalp and then brushing the hair to either the left or right, depending on your and your child’s preference, which in turn forms a sweep. This is a more mature look and is perfect for formal occasions or less active children.
  • A Shag or Shaggy Cut is less formal than the side sweep and will involve layering the hair to create a controlled, disheveled look which requires little to no styling beyond brushing.
  • The Comb Down style is when the hair is cut just above the eyebrows and then combed down from the scalp line towards the eyes; the back and sides of the hair are also left a little longer and this may be a cut you want to consider if your child likes having their hair a little longer or moving in to the fall and winter seasons (as crew cuts and spiked cuts grow out your hairdresser can cut your child’s hair into this basic shape in preparation for the move to a comb down style). This is still a cut that can be worn by active boys as it is not so long as to become caught during play and provides an alternative, easy to manage style.
Finally for children with especially curly hair, you may wish to consider a slightly longer style that will allow for the additional weight of the hair to reduce some of the curl. The shape of the cut would be similar to that of a shag cut with the hair at the length of your choosing and discussed with your hairdresser based on the final look you want to achieve.

When you are choosing a style for your child do try to involve them somewhat in the process even if they have little interest in it at this time. As your boy grows older he is going to have a greater interest in choosing his own style and teaching him about maintaining healthy hair and scalp as well as the importance of regular grooming and cutting will benefit him hugely as he grows older. Keep talking to your children about their choices and, if they decide that they want something completely different than what you would choose, be prepared to consider their desires – remember hair that is kept in good condition will grow back and the next haircut is always just around the corner.