Pre-Teen Boys’ Short Hairstyles

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There was a time when the pre-teen boy was given nothing but a bowl or a buzz cut and sent on their way but in today’s society there are more and more young men taking an interest in their hair styles at an earlier age.

Although parents and the hairdresser alike do need to determine that the haircut a young man is being given will be able to stand up to the lifestyle that the child lives they should also give consideration to the boy’s wishes as to how he wishes his hair to be cut.

A large number of pre-teens will lean towards a short, clean cut as it is easier to maintain and takes little time to make look good. Today’s fashions lean toward a short cut in the back with longer layers on the crown or top of the head which can be textured through the use of products.

With most hairstyles there is the option of adding layers; the addition of these can help to thin or thicken hair, frame the face, add the option of texture to most styles and allow for either a shaggy or smooth look dependent on even length or varying length on the layers cut.

Layers are a good option for most young men’s haircuts as it will allow them to keep a short cut that needs little maintenance but gives them a wide range of options that can be implemented through the simple use of some products and experimentation.

When cutting a young man or boy’s hair it is important that time is spent discussing with them what their options are and the upkeep that will be required; will a cut need to be blow dried? Will product be required? How often will the hair need to be cut? How will the hair be kept in good condition? One a boy understands the implications of a particular style they may change their mind about exactly what it is that they want.

Ensure that you also discuss with the client (and their parents) what type of lifestyle they lead. Does their life revolve around playing sports and being outdoors? If so how often will they be washing and styling their hair. Will they need to make frequent trips to get another haircut, or will one cut last a little while? If this is a daily activity or more often then the amount of time required to keep anything longer than a very short cut looking good will be considerable. If the child is less active or has the time to spend on maintaining a slightly longer style then the classic cut or sweep may be something they want to consider; especially if a lot of time is spent at social or more formal gatherings. Boys with longer hair, and older boys, may want a more fashionable cut and consideration should be given to this in conjunction with the activities that they partake in. A shaggy or layered look can still be kept at a medium to longer length and still be easy to maintain in a fashionable style or smooth out for a sleeker, more mature look.

View Yourself in Over 5,000 Hairstyles!