Classic Boys’ Hairstyles

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What parent does not want their young boy to have a hairstyle that is easy to maintain, never goes out of style and is suitable for their active lifestyle? There are a wide selection of styles that are perfect for young men.

The buzz cut is a very short style which is achieved by the use of clippers over the whole head of hair; this style is very quick to cut and requires little to no maintenance. The hair can be cut from ¾ of an inch down to 1/8th of an inch in length, parents can maintain this cut at home simply by purchasing a pair of good quality clippers or take your child to a local hairdresser who will be pleased to perform the cut for you.

If this is too short then the next option is the classic boy’s cut where the hair is cut short on the top and then tapered on the sides, ears and back of neck. This hairstyle is easy to manage at home or at your local barbershop and can be maintained through regular trimming.

The next longest cut would be the Caesar Cut, worn in the style of Julius Caesar, where the hair is layered to a length of 1 – 2 inches and then brushed forward to form a short fringe; alternatively the front can be feathered which will lead to a French Crop style.

The Fade, or temple fade, is a tapered cut where the hair at the back and sides is tapered up from a zero length at the bottom to a half inch on the sides. On the crown of the head the hair is left longer, usually with a length of 2 – 3 inches.


Military Cut (Buzz Cut)


Caesar Hairstyle


The Flat Top Hairstyle

With a Flattop Cut the hair on the crown of the head is cut flat and can be left longer than a fade however the longer the hair on the crown the more styling and product will be required.

Once you start moving into mid length hair you have additional options such as the bowl cut where the hair is cut in a straight line evening out all length from the longer hair on the crown of the head to the hair at the nape of the neck ending in a single length even cutting line. Another option for mid and longer length hair is a Shag or Layer Cut, this cut involves cutting all hair to the same length from whichever part of the head resulting in the hair having a more layered or shaggy look.

Each child has different hair and different requirements. The more active your child the shorter you are likely to want their hair; you will however also want to take into consideration your child’s wishes, the time of year and the amount of time that you want to spend on maintaining your child’s hairstyle.

Boys’ hairstyles are a necessity however they are not something that a lot of pre-teen boys are likely to spend a lot of time on. Most would agree that the primary requirements are that a boys hairstyle should be easy to maintain and stay out of the way of their busy and active lifestyles.

Shag Hairstyle

Just because a haircut needs to meet these requirements does not mean that you do not have a choice in the style of haircut for your boy.

A large number of parents will lean towards a Crew Cut, Spike Cut or a Military Cut for their child, especially if they are involved in sports, as these styles keep the hair very short, require little to no maintenance on a day to day basis and will look the same at the moment they step off the field as the second they set foot on there.

If you don’t want to cut your child’s hair this cut then a slight sweep is an alternative option; with this cut the hair is parted to one side of your choosing and cut to a short length. This style is a more mature cut and in addition to being easy to maintain for an active life also looks great at formal events.

By getting rid of the horizontal parting altogether and cutting the hair to one short length, brushing straight down in each direction from the crown you will achieve a Comb Down; this is a slightly longer version of the crew cut.

With each of these simple styles the hair can simply be washed, brushed and left or, if you want to spend more time and have a wider variation styles available, the introduction of some very basic styling products can offer a series of looks with most of the shorter haircuts. Speak to your hairdresser if you would like to get more ideas about the different options available with each cut through the use of styling products.

View Yourself in Over 5,000 Hairstyles!